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What's the best rooftop restaurant in London....hotel in Prague....AV company in China? Which event management software should I use? How do I attract more delegates to my conferences?

To find the answers to questions like these, become a member of The BNC - a networking club for event professionals.

Share knowledge, tips, advice, experiences and expertise. Just one more thing it's FREE

The BNC is the leading networking association for corporate meeting and event managers.

Its aim is to help conference, events, incentive, and meeting managers with the day-to-day planning of their events by bringing together a supportive community of events professionals to share information, ideas, experiences and recommendations.

With over 1000 members in the UK and worldwide, The BNC offers unrivalled opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing. Members are leading professionals in the corporate conference and events industry who want to help each other streamline their event management processes; pioneer best practice models; find the best suppliers in the business and empower themselves within their own organisations.

Membership is open to people working in events from any industry. If you are looking for a venue in Prague, restaurant in Shanghai or coach company in Paris why not ask other event managers what they recommend? If you are looking for new ways of running corporate events and need to know what the benchmark is for certain things then The BNC is perfect of you. Or, if running events is a meaningful yet isolating job and you want to feel less burdened, or wish to bounce ideas off of others, then The BNC is just what you're looking for.

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The Buyer's Networking Club

10 reasons why you should join


  1. You will instantly be connected to a powerful events industry body. On a weekly basis you can CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, SHARE, LEARN and EXPERIENCE everything to do with events with like-minded people

  2. It will save you money. It’s free to search for recommendations through us and the recommendations will be 100% trustworthy as they come from highly qualified and experienced events professionals

  3. You will save hours of research time. With the click of a button you can ask 1000 other event managers for recommendations and advice

  4. You can attend exclusive launches, parties, events and meetings tailor made for your needs

  5. You can raise your profile within the events industry. Share your knowledge, use your voice and get your opinions heard

  6. You will become part of a force for change. By constantly recommending the best companies you are driving up the standards of other venues, products and services

  7. The feel-good factor. It feels good to talk and share information in a professional but friendly way. Not only will you be helping other event managers by sharing your knowledge but you are guaranteed to make friends along the way

  8. Venue managers and industry figureheads have been getting together for decades to talk about how to attract your business. Now you can get together to talk about where to take your business.

  9. You will be the first to hear about what’s new and what works in events. Stay ahead of trends and even be a part of them – even help develop them

  10. You will no longer be isolated in your events role

    Join us! 1000+ HEADS ARE BETTER THAN 1!


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